8 Ball Pool

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Play 8 Ball Pool online for free! Pocket the 8 ball after clearing all other balls from the table to win the 8 Ball Pool!

8 Ball Pool Rules

Played with the cue ball and 15 numbered balls racked in a triangle, the goal is to pocket your group of balls, either stripes or solids, before pocketing the 8 ball to win the game. The choice of stripes or solids is made after the breaking shot when a player pockets any ball belonging to either group. The shot is considered legal when you hit your group of balls first.

If you fail to make a legal shot, it results in a foul. A foul results in a penalty that allows the opponent to position the cue ball as he or she wishes. If you fail to pocket one in your group, you will lose your turn. If you pocket the 8 ball before all balls of your group, or if you pocket both and your cue ball, you will lose the game!